IPDb is the Internet Podcast Database. It’s a Who’s Who directory of podcasters – hosts, co-hosts, guests, and more – as related to their podcasts.
IPDb is more about the people – the people in front of the mic and those behind the scenes. IPDb gives the opportunity to credit to the podcast team. Whether your podcast is a one-person show to an elaborate audio performance with a large team, IPDb has room to list all the credits.

The information on the Internet Podcast Database comes from various sources. We invite you, as people interested in podcasts, to submit information. We will do our best to provide the most accurate information possible, but we can not guarantee 100% accuracy. We welcome corrections and additions.

Furthermore, IPDb shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may occur out of the inaccuracy of information.

Even though anyone can browse the information, only registered users have access to additional features such as rating and reviewing podcasts as well as submitting corrections and updates to the database.

Registration is free and requires a valid e-mail address.

IPDb is not updated simultaneously with your submission. We must verify your information with the links provided in your submission. Hard to believe, but there are goofballs out there that submit incorrect information on purpose. The quickest way to provide third-party verification to your podcast.
Absolutely. If you do not want your podcast to be listed in our free directory, send an email with information about your podcast to info@ipdb.net. We will delete your podcast from the database.
Ha, ha! Thanks for the warm fuzzy thoughts. We were wondering the same thing about podcasts!